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Learning about Cloudswap starts with the Uniswap exchange, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that offers peer-to-peer trading.


Lend their crypto to Cloudswap

To have enough funds in its liquidity pools, Cloudswap rewards users who lend their own crypto. You can choose the "Add liquidity" option to lend crypto to any of Cloudswap's pools.

Exchange operates

The Cloudswap exchange is an automated market maker. This is a type of decentralized exchange that offers various pairs of tokens to trade.

Gaura blockchain

Cloudswap was built on Gaura's blockchain technology. That's why users on Cloudswap need to pay gas fees with Gaura.

Cloudswap tokens

Cloudswap governance tokens by using a well-known and regulated cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Contingency: 70%
  • Business Development: 10%
  • Investor: 30%
  • Poland
  • Legal & Regulation:10%
  • Czech Republic

The Cloudswap community is an ecosystem of users, developers, designers, and educators

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Cloudswap’s global and vibrant community drives the success of the Protocol. Join the conversation on Discord, Twitter, and Reddit to stay up to date on the latest community news.


Ask questions and engage with the Cloudswap Community.


Contribute the wide-range of Cloudswap discussions.


Follow the latest news of Cloudswap.


Learn about recent grants recipients and program updates.


Add new, trending and rare artwork to your collection.


The Cloudswap Protocol is a public good owned and governed by UNI token holders

The Cloudswap Token
The Cloudswap token enables community ownership and active stewardship of the Protocol. UNI holders govern the Protocol through an on-chain governance process.
Governance Forum
A forum for governance-related discussion. Share proposals, provide feedback, and shape the future of the protocol with the Uniswap community.
Governance Portal
The official governance voting portal. Review live governance proposals and cast your vote on-chain.
A simple off-chain voting interface for community members to signal sentiment during the early stages of a proposal’s life cycle.
Temperature Check
The Temperature Check process determines whether there is sufficient will to make changes to the status quo. At the end of the two days.
The Consensus Check process incorporates feedback from the Temperature Check and establishes formal discussion around a potential proposal. Consensus Check is accompanied by another off-chain vote. At the end of five days, a majority vote with a 50k Cloudswap yes-vote threshold wins.
Governance Proposal
A Governance Proposal is the final step in the governance process. The proposal should incorporate feedback from the Consensus Check and is accompanied by executable on-chain code.

Build with the Cloudswap Protocol

What Is Cloudswap?

Learn about the CLoudswap Protocol’s core concepts: Swaps, Pools, Concentrated Liquidity, and more.

Smart Contract Overview

Review the architecture of the Uniswap Protocol smart contracts, made up of the Core and Periphery libraries.


Review the architecture of the Uniswap Protocol smart contracts, made up of the Core and Periphery libraries.

Cloudswap Protocol

Dive into the world of DeFi apps, integrations, and developer tooling built on top of the Uniswap Protocol.

Bug Bounty

Cloudswap Labs is offering a reward of up to $500,000 for critical and high severity bugs in the Protocol’s core contracts. Happy hunting!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloudswap Protocol?

The Cloudswap Protocol is an open-source protocol for providing liquidity and trading ERC20 tokens on Ethereum. It eliminates trusted intermediaries and unnecessary forms of rent extraction, allowing for safe, accessible, and efficient exchange activity. The protocol is non-upgradable and designed to be censorship resistant.

The Uniswap Protocol and the Uniswap Interface were developed by Uniswap Labs.

Check out the Introduction section of our docs for more info on the different roles played by Labs, the Interface, and the Protocol

How do I use the Uniswap Protocol?

To create a new liquidity pool, provide liquidity, swap tokens, or vote on governance proposals, head over to the Uniswap Interface and connect a Web3 wallet. Remember, each transaction on Ethereum costs Ether (ETH). For a more detailed walkthrough, check out our Help Guides.

If you’re a developer interested in building on top of the Uniswap Protocol, please refer to our extensive docs.

How does Uniswap Protocol work?

Uniswap is an automated market maker. In practical terms, it is a collection of smart contracts that define a standard way to create liquidity pools, provide liquidity, and swap assets.

Each liquidity pool contains two assets. The pools keep track of aggregate liquidity reserves and the pre-defined pricing strategies set by liquidity providers. Reserves and prices are updated automatically every time someone trades. There is no central order book, no third-party custody, and no private order matching engine.

Because reserves are automatically rebalanced after each trade, a Uniswap pool can always be used to buy or sell a token — unlike traditional exchanges, traders do not need to match with individual counterparties to complete a trade.

For a more in-depth description, check out the Concepts from the documentation.